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Meet the Owner

Raymond Lee - better known as 'Ray Ray' always had a special love for cars as a child. He was always preoccupied with tinkering and working on his current car. However, his passion for photography was born when he began documenting his projects.

The Brand.

Over the years Ray has been putting together cars, concepts, and providing automotive consultations to his peers, friends, and other folks in the car industry. After witnessing the amount of money wasted on low-quality jobs and car parts Ray decided that Street Vanity would be great for the car enthusiast.

By providing his clients with a great experience for less, he hopes that the brand can help expose the over-looked automotive owners to the masses.

Past Projects

1989 Volkswagen Golf Wolfsburg Edition was his 1st car built for speed. He forced himself to drive-manual to enjoy this car. He lowered it with coil-over sleeves.

The 2nd time-around working on a 1993 Volkswagen Golf, he installed a cup kit, lowering the suspension, intake and exhaust.

Back to his first make - 1993 Civic Hatchback, called 'Doddi; by many. Ray was inspired by its features:

- Motor Suspension

- V18 from  an Integra

- Coil Overs

-Full Exhaust

- Chipped V28 ECU

Ray built and sold his 1st 1991 Honda Civic Sedan and completed the following:

- Swapped the transmission from automatic to manual

- Lowered the suspension

- Added 15 x 8, 0 offset Wheels

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